My DIY camper trailer build

By Andrew

Here is my build up story, started a few years ago! Has been in use for a couple of years as a gear trailer but I’ve finally added an ebay camper top to it.

Im running a leaf/live axle combo with shocks.
Steel tube frame. I was going to clad it an ally 5bar plate but decided to just use steel sheel welded on. Heavier but strong.
Flip over lid is clad with 5bar ally though to get the weight down.
62L caravan water tank just behind the axle. Filler on the side of the trailer.
Rear swing out tailgate has kitchen mounted on it.
Dual rear swingaway wheel carriers.
Large storage box on draw bar.

The trailer body is 2400 long x 1950 wide (width to match the GU)
Coupling is about 1300 from front of trailer.
sides are 700mm high, without the lid
Also did something a bit different to most others.
The box is actually structural – incorporated in the space frame – so the length of draw bar that is subject to flexing is only about 500mm
Eye to eye 1250kg springs from Adelaide Engineers and Springmakers.
Landcruiser BJ42 shocks from Terrain Tamer (Cofaps) – extended length of 487mm and collapsed 305mm with 16mm eyes. Angled 45degrees to the rear.
50mm square axles with mechanical (cable) disc brakes
Treg rubber block coupling with override brakes and handbrake.
Narva waterproof trailer lights
wheels are 16×8 ROH Monsoon alloys running MickeyT Dick Cepek FC2s – 285/75/16

New pics. Ready to go to the painters (grit blast, zinc rich primer and 2 coats of Avocado Galmet Hammered Metal)
Its gonna be fast coz its got twin jet engines on the back 😀

Tows really nicely and worked well.
Things still to do:
Replace side doors – they look like crap 😕
Get canvas made for camper.
Chop rear of wheel arches for more room (designed it for 31s, fitted 33s 🙄 )
Put it on weighbridge to see what it weighs

A couple of pics to show what Ive been doing

Cut one side out down to the top of the door openings and added some reinforcing.
Added galv angle to sides to seal the camper unit off from the storage area. Another one has to go in on the far side.

The kitchen box

The lid

The camper top

Camper top and lid in place

Lid opened

Another view of the lid open


Still some work to do.
Awning fouls on the hardtop.
Yes the tyres are flat to get the top down to the right height.

A few pics when set up and travelling

  1. Todd ( NissanGQ4.2 ) says:

    Great Build mate, top read 🙂

  2. Todd ( NissanGQ4.2 ) says:

    Didn’t you need to get a weighbridge ticket for it before it got registered????

  3. Thanks Todd
    Didnt need a weighbridge ticket here in SA. Just an estimated weight and a max weight based on the tyres and spring/axle combo.

  4. Steve Dickson says:

    Well done mate- i love to see DIY in areas that interest me and especially when I can use or modify others ideas.

  5. Melissa says:

    Looks great, will have to show Peter (the other half) this; we have a camper trailer he is always modifying to suit longer trips. Some of your ideas are very clever.

  6. Seb says:

    Hey Andrew,
    I was wondering whether you have any blueprints on the trailer lid. I am making one for my HSC and it would be very helpful.


  7. Seb
    No drawings for the lid. Its 50×25 RHS around the outside and 25×25 SHS for the cross bars.

    Good luck with it.



  8. John Morrisey says:

    Just wondering if you have drawings for the trailer? I am considering building mine own as well and am very impressed with your build.

  9. Jenee Vie says:

    Thanks for posting. I surely will let my partner see this. He loves to modify our camp trailer and we’re searching for different styles and good quality. I have viewed a site about camper trailers. It gave us some ideas too.

  10. Andrew says:

    Looks like a top build mate and good read too as I am about to start to build my own camper with the help of the father in law any hidden traps or things you would do differently knowing it now?

  11. Nice work mate. How is this going? I’m thinking I will build one long term; they are so expensive to buy!

  12. Peter Davidson says:

    Awesome build man. Didn’t happen to make any plans while you where goin along did you (know I probably would’ve kept forgetting to write it all down)

  13. Steve says:

    Nice trailer.

    How did you skin the trailer. Did you weld the panels onto the frame and blended (grinded) all the welds??