FYRLYT update – 2 years later

Posted: 22nd September 2014 by Andrew in General

It’s been 2 years since I posted about FYRLYT driving lights.
Given it appears to be the most searched page on this site it’s probably time for an update.

Ive added the update to the bottom of the original page at: FYRLYT Article

**UPDATE** September 2014
So, after 2 years of hanging off the front of the Patrol how have they performed?
Pardon the pun – brilliantly!
The mounts are rock solid, the lenses have survived and the original globes are still going strong.
The light output is awesome, the lack of glare is welcome and maintenance free reliability is perfect. They just WORK.
Originally I ran them as one spot and one spread but the light output is so good I now run both as spread beams.
Better than HID? Maybe, but more importantly they are reliable and instantly come on.
Better than an LED light bar? Don’t know, but their range and spread is more than adequate.
Worth the money? For me, yes, as the quality and reliability (sorry to harp on that) make them a worthwhile addition.

As always, my opinion only and all thoughts and comments are welcome.
No affiliation, just a happy customer.

  1. I’ve heard some great reviews of these lately; good to hear!

  2. Zarbs says:

    Hi Andrew and thanks for your review of the FYRLYTs.

    A year and a half ago, I was researching driving lights to fit to our new BT50. I spotted the FYRLYT ads in a magazine, read the info on the website and contacted them. Paul called me back one evening and spent an hour and a half discussing driving lights and answering my questions. I was most impressed with his dedication and approach (no marketing, just straight talk).

    So I took the leap and had a pair installed. While they haven’t had as much use as they could have, I am very pleased with all aspects of the light and run both in spread beam – they see far enough into the future to let me slow down, and importantly light up what is either side and more likely to hit me. In short, I am very happy with my purchase.

    But of course one of the key problems with having great driving lights is when you dip your lights and can barely see anything on low-beam. I have upgraded the low beam globes (in output not wattage) and they are almost as good as the stock high beam. Now to also upgrade the high beam globes to have an option for every situation.

    My thanks to Monaro Off Road in Queanbeyan for their advice and fitting the FYRLYTs.