Project 365 2011 – a photo a day

Posted: 4th January 2012 by Andrew in General

For 2011 I took on the challenge of shooting a new photo every day.

Has been great for really learning the limits of me and my gear (mainly me!).
Has tought me a lot about what works and how to make it work.
Have seen a whole lot more of this town and made lots of discoveries.
Have learned a lot about lightroom and post processing.
I hope Im a far better photographer because of this project.

Really really glad Ive done it but wont do it again any time soon! Maybe if I travelled more often. It should be easier in a big city but I doubt you’d move around enough to stay inspired.

Would highly recommend it to anyone starting out, anyone lacking inspiration or an experienced tog that has become jaded.

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Jan 18 – Fly me to the moon
Canon 1D/Sigma 150-500 OS @ 500mm, handheld, ISO200, F22, 1/160s

  1. Wayne Dwyer says:

    Andrew, as a happy snapper rather than a keen photographer, i have really enjoyed your efforts over 2011. Now that i am a farmer and not a tourer i could still tour via your photos. You have a skill worth honing and while I understand why you would not do it again soon,I have missed it….. maybe make it a 5 yearly thing :).

    All the best